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We provide the next generation of finance for education

Student finance but not as you know it

This is not a traditional loan, this is financing better suited to your needs - Future Earnings Agreements

  • Are you struggling to finance your post-graduate or technical qualification

    Our finance is more accessible because it is based on your future earning potential

  • Do you want a fixed number of repayments?

    We will tell you upfront how many repayments you'll need to make

  • Do you want to be sure you can repay your loan?

    You will only ever have to pay an agreed percentage of your future earnings for a defined period

We fund you based on your future potential not your income history

Eligible applicants will be considered if:

  • You are over 18 years of age

  • You are a UK/EU Citizen

  • You have a UK/EU Bank Account

  • You have no convictions for financial crimes

  • You plan to complete an approved qualification (includes many post-graduate and technical qualifications)

Future Earnings Agreement Calculator

Find out how much of your future earnings you could be investing in yourself right now.

Maximum repaid is between 1.5x and 3x the amount borrowed depending on the course provider, there is a very low probability that a borrower will ever repay the maximum amount given that they would need to earn substantially more than the projected income. If annual income never exceeds the minimum repayment amount, typically £25,000, You will make no repayments until you earn over a minimum threshold. To ensure this product is affordable there are restrictions on how much of your future earning you can sell, typically this limit is 15%. This calculation is based on an approximate equivalent 9% APR. The expected cost of StepEx finance can range from 0% APR to 9% APR depending on the course. If you earn more than expected you will repay more and if you are earn less than expected you will repay less. For full details please see the “Our product” page.

Why us?

University testimonial

Cranfield university professor Dr Stephanie Hussels discusses why Cranfield partnered with StepEx and the benefits it brings to the university and its students.

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