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About Us

Using fintech to reimagine education finance

Who are StepEx?

StepEx is an award winning and fully FCA authorised financial institution built to provide more people with the finance they need to achieve their professional potential, and on better terms.

We make this possible through our unique technology-enabled finance which is different from traditional debt – it is called a “Future Earnings Agreement”. We are making “Future Earnings Agreements” available for a range of qualifications including post-graduate’s degrees at some of the UK’s leading universities and technical qualifications at leading bootcamps. With us, student finance will finally be based on merit.

Our story

StepEx was founded in 2017 by Dan George, who realised that to achieve your professional potential you need to invest in yourself. However, most people did not have money to invest in themselves and had no way of getting it.

Together with finance leaders and the UK’s financial regulator, StepEx created a new way to finance education that gives equal opportunity to all. Based on where you are going, not where you have been.

You deserve the same opportunity to be your best as everyone else.

Why we are different.


We believe that education should be available to everyone – not just those with deep pockets, so we are introducing finance that works for all.

Unlike traditional debt providers who ask you to prove you can afford future repayments by looking at your past; we look at the future, qualified you.

« Using fintech to unrig the game »


We want to free people to make career decisions that suit them best without worrying about whether they can afford to make repayments or have decades of repayments.

That is why we ask you to make repayments that go up or down in line with your income. You will also only ever have to pay for a maximum amount of time, even if you end up paying back less than you borrowed.

« Income linked and time bound »


Unlike banks, we are open with our information. We only charge a fixed number of payments of an agreed share of your income. Unlike traditional debt with interest that can vary with bank rates and can mean paying back more for longer.

We will even tell you what the real future earning potential of a qualification is. No hidden fees, no nasty small print and no changing the agreed terms.

« Information is power, give power to the people »


For too long the house (the bank) always won. bank was the winner. This is different. Everyone wants the same thing, for you to achieve your potential.

We share the risk and reward of a qualification with you by taking a stake in your future and helping you finance the qualification to get there

« Everybody wins »

Why the name StepEx?

Step because the qualifications we finance usually lead to a big step up in income from what you would otherwise earn.
Ex for exchange, because you exchange a share of your future income for the money you need now to achieve it. StepEx

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